We aim to provide a comprehensive minor surgical and cryotherapy service at Lakeshore Medical Centre. We can assess certain minor skin lesions such as pigmented lesions, sebaceous cysts, skin growths, ingrown toe nails, warts, and verrucae. Many of these common skin lesions can be adequately treated here, if necessary by either excision under local anaesthetic or topical cryotherapy treatment. Cryotherapy involves treating certain skin lesions with a cold spray of liquid nitrogen, it is particularly effective for warts. skin tags and verrucae. This process may need to be repeated, as is detailed in the link.

Some larger or more complex lesions may need secondary referral for a further opinion. We can also adequately assess such lesions and arrange referral for specialist opinion as appropriate. Certain procedures may indeed be covered by your Health Insurance Provider. Please enquire for further details.

Please make an appointment at reception for a consultation that will suit your needs.